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About Tricia Cobb

Sex and Life Empowerment Coach

Sexual Empowerment Coaching is a unique branch of sexual health, dealing with the mind, body, soul and emotions. It is a specialty that is holistic and non-pathologizing, A sexual empowerment coach can help with concerns ranging from self-confidence and body image concerns to experiencing heightened pleasure and everything in between. Read more.

My Specialties

Sex And Aging

I have a soft spot in my heart for the older adult population. Surprisingly, it is difficult to find a healthcare provider or therapist to openly talk to someone about their sexual and/or intimate life, especially if they are an older adult. Society has portrayed the older adult as a non-sexual person; not someone that has needs and desires. I aim to change that!

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An elderly couple is dancing together
Senior couple with wheelchair on a walk.
My Specialties

Sex and Disabilities

Who talks about sexuality to people with MS, or someone in a wheelchair, or someone with a spinal cord injury or open-heart surgery? The answer to that is….me! I am 100% an advocate for all people that want and deserve to have the intimate life they desire. As with sex and aging, not many providers or professionals will openly talk about sex with someone that has a disability or physical challenge. I am the advocate of change for this population! I am judgement-free and provide a safe and open space.

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Sex & Aging

Sex & Aging

There is a lot of stigmatization that comes with the topics of ‘senior sex’, ‘sex & aging’ , etc. The truth is, we all have desires and needs and I am here to address the issues and miscommunications that come along with said topics. I offer services catered for the older adult population.

Disability & Post Surgical

Disability & Post Surgical

It is difficult to find a healthcare provider to openly with about your sexual and/or intimate life. And it’s definitely not easier if you’re an older adult and recently had an accident or is permanently disabled. I am an advocate for all people that want and deserve to have the intimate life they desire.


What Is Sex Coaching?

Let’s break it down. First, there is Coaching. Coaching is:

  • Empowering and empowerment based
  • Present and future focused
  • Individualized
  • Results driven
  • Non-pathologizing
  • A fluid process
  • Positive

We ask, “What do you want?”, “What’s in the way?”, and, “How can we get you there?”

Now, you pair that with Clinical Sexology. A Clinical Sexologist studies human sexual behavior and expression, specifically, the study of what people do sexually and how they think and feel about it.

Sex Therapy vs Sex Coaching: Sex Coaching uses the following approaches for helping people overcome or resolve their sexual and/or relationship roadblocks:

  • De-pathologizing
  • Non-medicalized
  • Holistic
  • Collaborative, not hierarchical
  • Goal-oriented
  • Future-focused
  • Judgment free
  • Personalized education
  • Participatory, not passive

Why Would You Need To Speak With A Sex Coach?

I believe that pleasure is a human right…for everyone! People come to a sex coach with concerns that need to be worked on, specific sexual and/or intimate goals of how they want their sex life to be or look like, possibly some sex education, sexual resources, overall coaching and support. Some sexual concerns, like sexual trauma, may need a therapist, so sex coaching can occur after therapy goals are met or concurrently if nearing your therapy goals.



The short answer is no. Sex therapy is a much longer process where you often dive into the childhood anchorage and analyze or diagnose physical or emotional challenges that involve sex. Sex coaches have a more direct approach when it comes to dealing with sex and concerns or blocks. We coach and guide as one team.


What does a session look like

Sex coaching is not hands-on – meaning, there is no touching, no nudity, no masturbation demonstrations, etc. It is talk only coaching! Please respect that. Clients sessions can be over the phone, Facetime, Zoom, or In-person. Individual sessions as well as packages are available.

Obtain a Pleasure Filled Life

sexual empowerment for the mind, body, and soul

Women and men who wish to improve their sexual health, gain pleasure, and become a team to reframe and redefine your sex life!
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Our Clients' Reviews


A friend advised me to seek out someone to help me with my sexual concerns. I was a little nervous initially, but Tricia was easy to talk to. I could tell she was super passionate and really wanted to help me. I highly recommend speaking with Tricia. I will definitely be going back.




Elliot Porter

Working with Tricia was a great experience for my girlfriend and myself! She was very professional and genuinely cared about the overall growth of our relationship. Tricia not only helped things heat up in the bedroom but allowed us to look at our relationship and really understand each other from a whole new perspective. The topic of sex can be intimidating for some but Tricia made it fun and informative. I would recommend working with Tricia to anyone that might be looking to grow in their relationship with their partner.

Thanks again!

Elliot Porter

William Smith

I sought Tricia and her services out, because I needed to be proactive with my sexuality and sex life on an intimate level.  Her sexual empowerment coaching is no joke.  As a middle age male, I have noticed significant changes in this area of my life, and the declining sex drive needed to be addressed ASAP!  Tricia was amazing, thoughtful and respectful. She provided all the right information and step-by-step instructions to help me regain my confidence and libido.  I still reference our sessions in my mind, even though it’s been months since our last session.  I would highly recommend Tricia to any one who wants to improve their sex life or simply learn more about themselves and what intimacy means.  This was time well spent and honestly looking back, I would have paid more for the education and material.

William Smith

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