What is Sex Coaching anyway?

What is Sex Coaching anyway?

I thought a lot about what I wanted to write about for my first blog, then I realized that logically it should start at the beginning…right?! The biggest question I get when I tell people what I do and what my business is all about is, ‘What is a sex coach?’. So, let’s start there.

Most people now a days have heard of coaching. There’s business coach, life coach, relationship coach, spirituality coach, and so on. Each of them has a specialization that is specific to a person’s life they want help with, have a concern with, or just plain want to learn more about or get better in. Sex coaching is no different.

Now, you take the study of Sexology, which is the study of what people do sexually and how they think and feel about it, mix in some sex education, add a dash of coaching, and you have a unique blend that makes up sex coaching.

The next question I get is, ‘Do you touch your clients or is there nudity involved?’ That’s a definite no. The setting is the same as therapy…office setting, talk only. However, the setting has the potential to change in the fact that I can go to places with a client. For example, if a client wants me to go to an adult toy store with them because they have never been to one or have questions that I can help them with, etc., then I will do that.

However, sex coaching is not therapy.

  • Sex coaching is not pathologizing. We are not here to diagnose anyone with anything.
  • Sex coaching is not hierarchical. We are a team; working together to help you reach your goals.
  • Sex coaching does not dwell on nor do we analyze the past. We will touch on the past to help bring out blocks and concerns, but we work on your future-oriented goals.
  • Sex coaching is not passive. You will be a participant and play an active role in reaching the outcomes you desire.

And, yes, I went to school to be a sex coach. I am a huge believer in education! I wouldn’t be doing this incredible and important work without the proper training and certification. And who better to get my training from than the founder of sex coaching herself, Dr. Patti Britton!

Well, I hope that helps clear up any questions and misconceptions of what a sex coach does. I love to help people and am honored that clients feel safe with me and trust me to talk about a topic that not many people talk to someone about. 100% judgement free!

See you soon!


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