Blog #2: World Association of Sexual Health Conference Experience 10/2019

I’m really excited to write about my first sexuality event/conference/conference attendance! I had the privilege to attend the World Association of Sexual Health 24th Biannual Congress in Mexico City this month! What an amazing experience! I really didn’t know what to expect at all. I was going to an unknown event into an unknown country. To say I was a little nervous is absolutely accurate…but more excited than anything.

I also knew that a number of my fellow Sex Coach U peeps were going to be there. I had only met one in person and that was Dr. Patti Britton herself. However, there were more, including my adviser and mentor, and I couldn’t have been more excited to see – “in real life” – the people that I have been looking up to and admiring their talents, knowledge, and experience for some time now. As I used to feel as a new nurse, I just wanted to soak up all their knowledge!

As I hope you have felt this yourself, being surrounded by a large group of people that think like you do, believe as you do, talk as you do, and have goals similar to your own is a wonderful and surreal feeling. When you come from a fairly small and conservative city, and your career path is to help people have a better, healthier, more pleasure-filled intimate life…well, it has its challenges. So, being surrounded by over 1500 people, representing over 70 countries, coming from all walks of life (sociologists, scientists, psychologists, doctors, world leaders, nurses, teachers, psychotherapists, sex workers, organizational leaders, researchers, etc…. the list goes on!) that it’s a validating feeling that I am on the right path; that I am doing something that is right, purposeful, needed, and fulfilling in my soul.

There were so many wonderful topics being covered at the WAS conference. From LGBTQ+, the trans population, sexual rights, sexual pleasure, research needs, SCU experts (😊), AASECT information, rights of women and women’s sexual concerns, men’s concerns and ED, laws and regulations, etc…). However, I also noticed a gap of research and knowledge during the many sessions and symposiums offered at the conference, and yes, they are in my wheelhouse and are my passions: sex and aging, and sex and disability and/or post-surgical. Don’t get me wrong, there were some, but not as much as I thought there would be. Hmm, I’m thinking to possibly do my own research and present it at the next conference in South Africa in 2021! What do you think?!

Well, it was a wonderful experience and loved that it was my first taste of sexology events throughout the world. I met some really great people, bought an amazing book (thank you Dr. Jen!), took some great pictures, learned A LOT, and came away with some beautiful memories. I can’t wait til my next event! 😊

Pleasure and peace,


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