Sex and Disability, Post-surgical, or Accident

Whether you have a disability or physical challenge that you were born with, developed over time, or had an accident that resulted in a physical disability that you didn’t have before, does not change the fact that needs and desires are present. As with aging, society does not look upon a disabled or a physically challenged person as a sexual person. The brain is a powerful and sexual tool and desire is not restricted because the body may be working in a different way.

Whether someone has Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, is wheelchair bound, needs a crutch or a cane, has cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue, or the multitude of physical challenges, sexuality and pleasure is still desired, wanted, and needed. As with anyone else, how that looks is up to the individual. The stigma and myth that disabled people are not sexual or want pleasure needs to be talked about and advocated for.

Some individuals have had challenges like open heart surgery, a spinal cord accident, prostate cancer, urinary and gynecological problems, etc. are still the same person that had needs and desires before their accident or surgery. Reframing and redefining what your sex life looks like, learning the do’s and don’ts, can and can not’s, and what pleasure means for you on your new intimate path is attainable, necessary, and can be fun exploring new ideas and new ways of attaining pleasure! It can open up a new sexual side of yourself you didn’t realize was in you!

We can:

  • Explore what a healthy sex life means to you
  • Define how your disability and/or physical challenge influences the way you seek out or invite partners and sex
  • Look into resources of dating
  • Explore the myths of sex, love, and disability
  • Address what your desires are and how you can achieve them
  • Delve into the world of sex toys, videos, books, and resources
  • Explore different ideas into the physical dynamics of sex and disability; solo sex and sex with a partner