Sex and Aging

As we age, our bodies, needs, and desire evolve. What pleasured us at 20 isn’t necessarily what will pleasure us at 40, 60, or 80. Abilities change, bodies change, and relationships change. Sex and aging is all about redefining sex, reframing how we look at ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, and our sexual needs. Sex and aging can have challenges, but such wonderful joys!

Society has put a hush-hush on older adults having sex, let alone enjoying pleasure. It has defined aging as a ‘role’ that doesn’t necessarily fit into a sexual image. However, that needs to change. Sexuality at any age is good, pleasurable, and a natural human response. It’s time to have the sex life you want and only you can define what that is…with coaching and guidance, it will happen!

We can:

  • Address and redefine the myths about sex and aging
  • Reframe your thinking what sex means to you and how you want it to look in your life, with and without a partner
  • Cover any medical concerns and how that could be affecting your sex life and/or libido
  • Look at body image and learn how to love your body just the way it is
  • Define how great and healthy solo sex can be
  • Review what kind of toys are best for the older adult
  • Explore how to spice up your sex life with your partner
  • Talk about sex and grieving or sex after divorce
  • …and so much more!